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I got banned! (2 day)

2008-04-06 18:09:16 by MrFlopz

I'm used to getting banned from sites for cursing people out, or instigating hate wars over politics and religion on other sites that do not allow political discussion at all. That stuff does not bother me much, because I usually have it coming. However, I was recently banned for saying "LOLZORS" in response to a funny picture. I have now decided that this site must be run by communists or something, because that is just fucking ridiculous! I are pissed off! Mr Flopz will not tolerate this!

I got banned! (2 day)


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2008-04-06 18:17:08

Fuck yeah mods are just getting fucking ridiculous


2008-04-06 18:38:34

wtf is so bad about lolzors communists


2008-04-09 22:38:48

Mr Flopz WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!


2008-07-02 08:34:33

Wow... Restrain Mr. Flopz please he might kill everyone on NG who doesn't have an invisible, guard. I have an army of Killer Rabbits.